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Tactile Sensors and Robots

Dual hand-arm robot equipped with three-axis tactile sensors

This is a dual hand-arm robot equipped with three-axis tactile sensors. Since it accepts not only normal force but also tangential force applied to its fingers, it can perform several tasks such as assembling via simple programs. 

Videos are shown in the following to demonstrate tasks accomplishes by this robot:

Object transfer from the left hand to the right hand: images\Passing(short).wmv

Cap twisting: images\pap&screw.wmv

Object assembling in the air: images\Assy(short).wmv


Industrial manipulator attached with optical three axis tactile sensor

This is an industrial manipulator equipped with a three axis tactile sensor (detail explanation at the research introduction). This sensor can measure the distribution of the contact pressure and the shearing force that acts on the sensing surface. The photograph shows the appearance in which this sensor is calibrated with the force sensor.


Optical three axis tactile sensor to install at multi-finger hand

Above-mentioned tactile sensor will be refine to make it smaller size in order to install at multi-finger hand. The finger quantity is added to complete the multi-finger hand. Continuously, experiments of recognition of the object structure, material and insertion work will be perform.


Pressure load device to evaluate the optical three axis tactile sensor at multi-finger hand

This device apply load to above-developed sensor to evaluate its performance and characteristic.

Haptic Displays and Actuators

Pressure sensor display

It is a device that presents the surface roughness. The pin of diameter 0.3mm is arranged in 8~8 arrays. The pins moves up and down vertically and it stimulates a finger tip of operator. The type of 1mm pitch (left) and 1.8mm pitch (right) are shown in the figure, respectively.


The arm part to install pressure sensor display

The arm part is developed for installation. The array scale and the pin diameter of this display are 6~4 and 0.8mm
respectively. The pitch is 2mm.


Hand presents pressure sensor and clutches force.

Above tactile sensor is installed in hand. As a result, we can feel hardness of the object and ruggedness shape on the
surface, etc.



Combination of tactile and force sensor device 1

Hand presents pressure and clutches force mentioned above is installed in three links manipulator. Using this device, various experiments such as virtual peging are conducted.



Combination of tactile and force sensor device Q

The above-mentioned 1mm pitch structure display was installed in three link manipulator. The experiment applying tactile and force sensor simultaneously is conducted using this device.


2.5D Display Generating Tactile and Force Sensations

In this display, compressive forces applied on the display pad can be obtained from three pressure sensors installed under the actuator array. Three pressure sensors are arranged on a circle whose central position is the same as the center of the display pad. The orientation of the virtual tactile pad is obtained from three pressure values of the sensors. The z-directional position is obtained from summation of the three pressure values. Consequently, the operator feels 3D surface even if the manipulator's motion is within a plan. Virtual 3D surface obtained from this display is shown in the following video:

 images\Sphere Discrimination (Standard).wmv

Slippage tactile display

Subject moves the stick to below direction in order to present the slip feeling of the subject. This method is use to investigate human's tactile sensing.

2D-micro Actuator

Tiny link structure supported by two bimorph piezoelectric actuators moves in 2D plane. It will be used for slippage tactile display.

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