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Shumpei Yoshida, Vividness control of kinematic illusion with variation in visual stimulus pattern

Yuki Aiba, Altitude control  of grasped objects based on tri-axial tactile information acquired by a robotic hand

Toshiki Nakamura, Strength control of velvet hand illusion performed by the phase difference movement of two wires

Yoshihiro Hatano, Enhancement of finger-shaped three-axis tactile sensors featured with texture formed on back surface of rubber skin

Shojiro Matsushita,  Brain activation measurement of velvet hand illusion using near infra-red spectroscopy

Akito Takagi, A study of detection capability enhancement of three-axis tactile sensors featured with sensing elements supported by elastic skin



Shuhei Kato,  Evaluation of concentration degree in virtual object recognition presented by a tactile mouse using measurements of brain waves and cerebral blood flow

Yuki Kato, A study of fusion effect mechanism caused by kinesthetic illusion and rubber hand Illusion

Shota Yoshida, An evaluation method of thinking degree using extraction of face feature

Haruki Sakabe, Study of human and robot cooperative tasks through vision and tactile sensing

Shojiro Matsushita,  Brain activation measurement of velvet hand illusion using near infra-red spectroscopy

Kouhei Kanbe, A study of stochastic resonance arising in a parallel network of Hodgkin Huxley neurons equipped with a summation operator

Kenji Sugiman, Handling paper task by robotic hand based on three-axis tactile information

Yuya Oizumi, Person-to-robot assembling tasks instruction through tri-axial tactile data

Koichi Akahori, Elucidation of relationship between kinesthetic illusion caused on wrist joint and frequency-and-amplitude of vibration stimulus



Josuke Nagai,  Hardness generated by the fusion of tactile display and pseudo-haptics

Toshiki Kanamori, Person-to-robot intention transmission through tactile sensation  

Takayuki Yamada, Research of communication between person and robots by gaze detection

Kosuke Komori, Response characteristics enhancement of normal and shearing force sensing of three-axis tactile sensors through optimal design of skin structure

Shuhei Kobayashi, Elucidation of human stochastic resonance in  vibrotactile sensation

Kentaro Mizukami, A study of the distribution of tactile sensitivity on the foot's plantar surface while walking

Hironaga Nomura, Control of velvet hand illusion by a tactile display

Ryota Nomura, Development of fuman-fingertip-sized three-axis tactile sensor



Hiraku Komura,  Effects of active or passive touch on precision of the perception using a tactile mouse in palm exhibition

Hiroyuki Karakawa, Research on effect of physical stimulation for a kinematic illusion  

Yusuke Motegi, Assembly work through the gripping force control of a robot hand based on three-axis tactile information



Takaaki Goto,  Research on object search in virtual reality using a tactile mouse

Ryota Yamada, A study of tactile information processing of the foot's plantar surface while walking  

Yoshimitsu Yamamoto, Three-axis tactile sensor capable of measuring wider load range and enhancing impact resistance

Shota Kamiya, Study of robotic behavior instruction based on visual and three-axis tactile sensations

Hiroki Tsuji, Simulation study of improvement of traffic flow by probe car system

Yutaro Hirakawa, A study of automatic detecting iris using image processing

Takashi Kayaba, A study of object recognition and handling using a robot equipped with three-axis tactile sensors having layered skin



Daisuke Endo,  Object centroid grasping using a hand-arm robot equipped with three-axis tactile sensors

Takuya Ikai, Behavior control of robots based on human indication  

Kenji Iwata, A study of tactile information processing of plantar using normal and tangential vibrations

Yusuke Dosho, Study of robotic behavior control based on integration of visual and tactile senses

Yuta Fujinaka, Object shape-control and character-recognition using a robot hand equipped with tactile sensors 



Nader Rajaei, A study of velvet hand illusion using psychophysics experiment toward tactile virtual reality

Kadir Beceren, A study of stochastic resonance observed in mechanoreceptive units

Satoshi Tusboi, An innovative compound display for pressure and force presentation

Takuya Matsunaga, Development in three-axis tactile sensor based on optical flow

Akihiro Tsunogai, A study of optical three-axis tactile sensors inspired by skin structure

Yu-Chun Wang, Research on human tactile sensation mechanism based on Finite Element Analysis

Yin Chengxue, A study of pressure and slippage presenting tactile mouse



Yuji Kawabe, Elucidation of Velvet-Hand-Illusion Mechanism Using Psychophysical Experiments

Tau Jin, Influence of Stochastic Resonance on Difference Threshold of Mechanoreceptive Units    

Jiro Wada, Object handling and manipulation using a dual hand robot based on tri-axial tactile information

Kazuya Esumi, Control of a two-axis PZT actuator by a neural network having feedback loop



Nobuyuki Morisawa, Object handling and manipulation using a robotic hand based on tactile information

Yu Nozima, Pressure and Slippage force detection based on optical flow in optical tactile sensors



Chami Abudullah, Simulation of a human fingertip using Finite Element Analysis

Hirofumi Suzuki, Object handling and manipulation using a robotic hand arm equipped with three-axis tactile sensors

Rei Ohashi, Effect of combined presentation on virtual peg-in-hole tests



Shingo Kondo, A study on tactile sensing using stochastic resonance

Jumpei Takata, Object recognition and manipulation using a robotic hand equipped with optical three-axis tactile sensors

Shiho Matsukawa, A two-axis bimorph piezoelectric actuator controlled by a multi-layered neural network

Yuki Yoshino, Research on the two-dimensional concave-convex shape recognition mechanism by human haptic perception


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Takuya Ikai, Interaction between Human and Robots Through Visual and Tactile Informations

Masakazu Honda, Estimation of Vibro-stimulation Condition Capable of Controlling  Kinesthetic Illusion



Satoshi Tsuboi, Enhancement of Virtual Reality Through Fusion of Force, Tactile Sensation, and Pseudo Haptics

Nader Rajaei, A Study of Velvet Hand Illusion's Relevance for Next Generation of Tactile Displays

Kadir Beceren, An Investigation of Tactile Stochastic Resonance Using the Human Fingertip



Naoto Hoshikawa,Behavior Acquisition of Robots Equipped with Multi-Sensors

Yiru Zhou,Virtual reality Generated by Pressure and Slippage Tactile Display

Sukarnur Che Abdullah, Hand-arm Robot Manipulation Using Image and Tri-axial Tactile Data



Chami Abdullah, An Investigation of the Velvet Hand Illusion Using Computational Mechanics and Psychophysics



Yasuhiro Sawamoto, A Study of Enhancement of Sensor Actuator System Based on Inverse Problem

Hanafiah Bin Yussof, Contact Interaction-Based Navigation and Manipulation in Humanoid Robotics