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Main Research Theme

1. Research of virtual tactile display

@This research presents three dimension virtual reality object experienced by tactile sensor of the combination of haptic display (force display) and the pressure sensor display. The information not to be expressible by haptic display such as surface roughness now can be presented, which enable and improves the presentation to be more reality. In this research, we are planning to develop a robot manipulator for teleoperation and rehabilitation.

2. Development of optical three axis tactile sensor which can measure normal force and sheer force simultaneously

@Many of tactile sensors are mainly to measure the distribution of the contact force. However, when the surface of the object is rubbed with the finger, it caused additional shearing force to the contact force. It is necessary to measure the force distribution and the shearing force in knowing the surface properties. This sensor can measure force in three direction of axes with one sensor element.

3. A tactile sensor based on computer tomography

@This research is regarding the tactile sensor that combines CT(Computed Tomography) and the light-guide. The advantage of this research is to make thin sensor compares to current available sensor. There is an advantage that making to the thin type can be attempted compared with a past sensor. The sensor is design by applying break-up type algorithm newly for tactile sensor, and also correspond with rectangular shape area.

4. Clarification and development of algorithm for human tactile information processing mechanism

@The human's tactile sense is examined by designing the control algorithm of the robot with the target to improve the effect of production by assuming virtual reality of tactile sensor. The experiment has clarify various new results such as with mechanism that acquired small texture, mechanism acquired shearing force, and etc.